15 Realistic Paint Brush Fonts Download: Today we collected some cool fonts that look like a real paintbrush. These fonts look so realistic and give your design a new life. So that’s why we handpicked some best realistic paint brush SVG fonts.

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Checkout Below Realistic Paint Brush SVG Fonts.

Aloha Babe – Watercolor Brush Font

A new SVG font that I’m absolutely in love with! Its realistic hand-lettered watercolor look makes it the perfect fit for signature logos, printed quotes, wedding invitation cards, social media headers, product packaging and a lot more.

svg watercolor brush font

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Thinks – Opentype SVG Oil Paint Font

Thinks is the latest oil paint font and which makes use of this new technology, by using high resolution brush stroke images with incredible definition, instead of the traditional vector format font.

svg oil paint font

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Tanktop SVG + Webfonts & Brush Fonts

SVG Tanktop is a different format with Tanktop Brush Fonts. But they were taken from the same handwriting.

svg web fonts and brush fonts

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Gustave – Handmade SVG Font

Gustave is all-caps handmade brush font made using acrylic paint.

handmade svg font

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Meraki – SVG Script Font

An expressive and handwritten SVG script font featuring beautifully unique textures, alternate glyphs for both uppercase and lowercase letters, and multilingual support.

realistic svg script font

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Supreme – Modern Script SVG Font

Supreme a beautiful collection of hand-lettered modern calligraphy fonts. Supreme is Handmade Font Brush, with combination lifestyle and street-wise brush font.

modern script svg font

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Austin – SVG Brush Font

The OpenSVG technology is just amazing because it allows us to have so much more detail & transparency in the letters, which can give your text a realistic hand-painted look.

svg watercolor brush font

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Amithen Brush Font

Amithen is textured brush font, contemporary approach to design, handmade natural with an irregular baseline.

svg handcrafted font

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Gustolle – Handwriting SVG Font

A SVG Font, made by brush hand writing. The natural texture makes the fonts looks great for both feminine feel or masculine looks. Suitable for you who needs a typeface for headline, logotype, apparel, invitation, branding, packaging and advertising etc.

hand writing svg font

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Sparose – Paint Brush SVG Fonts

Sparose SVG Font made with a soft transparent line texture, Don’t worry you still have the traditional vector format as usual. Sparose SVG This font has ligatures, and also has 5 beautiful Swash.

realistic paint brush svg fonts

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