Are you on the hunt for fonts that effortlessly capture the essence of retro and vintage design in 2023? Look no further! We’ve meticulously gathered an exclusive collection of the finest script fonts tailored to fulfill your nostalgic design dreams.

In an era where design trends continue to evolve, the enduring appeal of retro and vintage aesthetics remains a beloved choice for many. Whether you’re working on a poster, website, branding, or any creative endeavor, these script fonts are the secret weapon you’ve been seeking to transport your audience back in time.

These handpicked fonts are the embodiment of timeless charm, each character exuding the elegance and personality reminiscent of a bygone era. They carry the essence of classic handwritten scripts, evoking memories of vintage signs, old-fashioned advertisements, and the warm nostalgia of yesteryears.

Picture your next project adorned with these fonts – your words and designs will dance gracefully across the canvas, creating an atmosphere that’s both familiar and enchanting. These fonts are not just letters; they’re the gateways to stories and emotions locked within the pages of history.

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Check out the Best Script Fonts For Retro and vintage Design.

Uplifts – Reverse Retro Script Font

Uplifts – Reverse Retro Script Font

Uplifts font – a captivating blend of reverse retro script style and smooth elegance. This font exudes a groovy nostalgia that will elevate your designs to new heights, thanks to its charming italic letters. Uplifts is the perfect choice for adding a touch of timeless charm to your projects.

Huron – Groovy Vintage Script Font

Huron Groovy Vintage Script Font

Huron – Retro Display Font is a typeface that channels the charm of retro typography with a bold vintage style. Its script-inspired design offers creative customization with alternative characters. It comes in clean and rough/texture versions, perfect for logos, vintage posters, branding, and more. Huron adds a nostalgic touch to any retro-inspired project.

Galliardo – A Versatile Script Font

Galliardo A Versatile Script Font

GALLIARDO: A versatile script font fusing art deco elegance with 70s retro coolness. Perfect for branding, signage, packaging, invitations, labels, logos, and more, it delivers a unique and memorable visual impact.

Amegach Vintage Retro Script Font

Amegach Vintage Retro Script Font

The Amegach font is a highly popular and playful retro script font, ideal for a wide range of creative projects. It’s perfect for adding a vintage touch to designs, whether you’re working on logos, food menus, brand names, quotes, album covers, or other creative endeavors.

Gading Retro Retro Script

Gading Retro Retro Script

Gading Retro is a bold, vintage-style script font perfect for branding, logos, social media, product packaging, and more, adding a nostalgic, handwritten flair to your projects.

Retro Party – Display Retro Font

Retro Party Display Retro Font

Retro Party – a stylish retro script font that marries classic elegance with a modern twist. Perfect for vintage designs, logos, posters, and more, it offers OpenType features for creative lettering and supports multiple languages.

Retro Sign – Retro Signature Font

Retro Sign – Retro Signature Font

Retro Sign Retro Signature Font, is a playful blend of modern and retro signature styles. Ideal for display, weddings, valentines, logos, and more, it infuses your projects with a charming, nostalgic vibe.

Malonice – Retro Classic Handwriting Font

Malonice Retro Classic Handwriting Font

Malonice Script is a beautifully crafted script font designed to exude elegance and luxury, drawing inspiration from classic handwriting. With its rich collection of alternate characters and standard ligatures, this font proves to be versatile, making it ideal for a wide range of creative purposes.

The Bayland – Retro Bold Script Font

The Bayland Retro Bold Script Font

Meet The Bayland: a bold retro script font that effortlessly channels the 60s vibe. With its extrude version, creating retro effects is a breeze. Ideal for logos, invitations, labels, magazines, books, and more, this versatile typeface adds a touch of vintage charm to any project.

Groovy – Retro Script Font

Groovy – Retro Script Font

Groovy is a retro-inspired font from a 2017 hand-lettering project, with a sporty, bold style. It includes an Extruded Font version, saving you time on creating extruded effects. This versatile font offers 593 glyphs and features like Stylistic Alternates, Swashes, Ligatures, Contextual, and Stylistic Sets, allowing up to 21 alternate variations per letter for creative flexibility.

Gaikellos Script – Retro Script Display Font

Gaikellos Script Retro Script Display Font

Gaikellos Script is a versatile display font with a delightful retro touch. It offers OpenType features, including Stylistic Alternates, allowing you to customize letter pairs for various design projects. Perfect for logos, labels, and more, this handmade font adds a nostalgic flair to any creative endeavor.

Milestone – Vintage Script Font (Free)

Best Script Fonts Download

Milestone is great to combine to create something good and vintage feel.

DrusticDialy – Old Style Textured Font

Vintage Script Fonts

With a lot of exploring the typographic design, content, and style. Most of them are created with the combinations of the typeface. Referring to the outdoor, vintage, and old-style designs there are so many great artworks with the textured typeface.

Neo Mayhem – Modern Retro Font Duo (Free)

Best Script Fonts For Retro & Vintage Design In 2018

Neo Mayhem is a collective modern retro font combination. Come with 3 families with uppercase and lowercase, stylistic set, alternates, multilingual, etc. to mix and match your design.

Schooner Regular Script Font (Free)

Perfect Script Fonts

Schooner Script has more than 500 glyphs, with old-style and lining figures.

Hanley Rough Font Collection

Script Fonts Collection

Hanley Rough Font Collection from District 62 is the new letterpress effect version of our popular Hanley Font Collection with a new BONUS Signature font. It consists of 8 fonts and two vector extra files that work extremely well together for an authentic vintage look with a modern vibe.

Growler – Handmade Script Script

Retro Script Fonts

This cursive font comes with multiple alternates for a more custom feel with a full glyph set and beautiful Capital Letters that will make each word look like custom lettering.

The Mozart Script Font

 Script Fonts

The Mozart Script is a very formal yet playful one with six hundreds of pre-made alternates. Multilingual font family with 4 widths.

Marsmello – Monoline Vintage Typeface

 Script Fonts For Vintage Design

Marsmello typeface is a monoline vintage style typeface with so many variations of glyphs and alternates styles, with monoline inspired by sign painted styles it’s very eye catchy and beautiful looks. Marsmello is perfect to use for logos, Letterhead, Invitation, Poster, labels, and many more.

The Historia – Natural Handpainted Font

 Script Fonts for Retro Design

A vintage and natural handpainted font. Suitable for any design needs, branding, modern advertising design, and Art.

The Historia comes with upper and lowercase Standard Characters, Punctuation, and Numerals. And some glyph variations of the OpenType features such as Standard Ligatures and Stylistic Set. Includes a range of multilingual support.

Astrud Miller – Feminine Handmade Brush Typeface

Best Script Fonts 2018

Astrud Miller is a feminine brush-type font, with a rather bulky and short style. The font contains both regular and swash styles, so you can easily mix and match Astrud Miller for any design project.

So, whether you’re aiming for a retro diner menu, a vintage-inspired wedding invitation, or a classic logo that stands the test of time, our selection of script fonts will infuse your design with an irresistible retro and vintage allure. In 2023, embrace the timeless and welcome your audience to a world of enduring style and captivating nostalgia.