Discover the best Book Cover Mockup Templates of 2023, designed especially for professionals working in the publishing industry. These templates serve as an invaluable resource for showcasing your creative designs. By utilizing these mockup templates, you can elevate the professionalism of your presentations while gaining a realistic preview of how your design will appear on a printed book. Perfect for designers looking to make a lasting impression in the world of publishing.

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Check out the best Book Cover Mockup Templates.

In this collection, we handpicked some unique and professional book cover mockup templates for showcasing your book cover designs like a pro. These mockup templates are easy to customize and you can place your own designs with just one click.

Neatly Stacked Books Cover Mockup Template

Neatly Stacked Books Cover Mockup Template

This mockup template features three neatly stacked books, creating an appealing visual for your design projects. With a remarkable 300 dpi resolution, it’s ideal for commercial use, ensuring premium quality results that elevate your creative endeavors.

Three Books Cover Mockup

Three Books Cover Mockup

This mockup template features three books artfully arranged at various angles, creating an engaging and dynamic visual. With a convenient Smart Object, customizing your design is a breeze – simply drag and drop your content. It’s user-friendly and offers easy recoloring through solid color layers, making your design process seamless and efficient.

In-Hand Book HardCover Mockups

In-Hand Book HardCover Mockups

Streamline book presentation with our In-Hand Hardcover Mockups. Smart-object editing for book covers, plus automatic perspective adjustment. Ideal for swift and professional book design displays.

Realistic Frame Book Mockup

Realistic Frame Book Mockup

The “Realistic Frame Book Mockup” is a versatile and visually stunning design resource that allows graphic designers, authors, and publishers to showcase their book cover artwork in a lifelike and professional manner.

Book Cover Mockup In Library

Book Cover Mockup In Library

These PSD mockups offer a quick and professional way to showcase your app, UI/UX designs, templates, or logos. With smart-object features, replacing the existing design with your own takes seconds, delivering a realistic presentation for your project.

Two Standing Book Cover Mockup Template

Two Standing Book Cover Mockup Template

This versatile book cover mockup template offers an exceptional platform to showcase your branding, text, or sleek flat designs. With a user-friendly smart layer, it requires no additional plugins or add-ons, making it a hassle-free solution for showcasing your creative work.

Standing On Corner Book Cover Mockup

Standing On Corner Book Cover Mockup

This eye-catching book cover mockup template places your literary masterpiece front and center. With a dynamic composition that captures attention, it’s perfect for showcasing your book’s title, author name, and captivating artwork.

Half Lay Down Book Cover Mockup

Half Lay Down Book Cover Mockup

Explore this versatile PSD book cover mockup template for easy editing in Photoshop. Ideal for various projects, from textbooks to novels, for professionals in design, advertising, and marketing. Elevate your presentations with 3D book covers and minimalist designs for a lasting impact.

Best Book Cover Mockup Templates

Best Book Cover Mockup Templates

Elevate your book’s presentation with our stunning Book Cover Mockup collection. 11 items, a PSD file, and a smart-object feature for effortless customization.

Square Paperback Book Mockup PSD (Free)

Paperback Book Mockup PSD

The best free Square Paperback Book Mockup PSD. All mockup PSD files are smart object ready and layers are organized.

Hard Cover Square Book Mockup

hard cover square book mockup template

A Photorealistic hardcover square book mock-up PSD template. It comes in 13 different styles and with 7 changeable backgrounds.

Dust Jacket Book Mockup PSD (Free)

Free Dust Jacket Book Mockup PSD

An amazing free dust jacket book mockup PSD is ideal for showcasing your book cover designs with style. It is featured from two different angles so you can showcase the book designs from front and back.

Soft Cover Book Mock-Up Template

soft cover book mockup template

Minimal background design softcover book mockup PSD template. This mockup comes with 5 different mockup templates.

Standing Hardcover Book Mockup PSD (Free)

Free Standing Hardcover Book Mockup PSD

Free Standing Hardcover Book Mockup PSD to display storybook, novel, textbook, dictionary, thesaurus, guidebook, etc. You can easily place artwork by using smart objects for book titles and spine designs.

Cute Book Cover Mockup Template

cute book cover mockup template

Save time and make your brand look eye candy with these book mock-ups. Easy to place your designs using smart objects, double-click the Smart Layer, copy & paste your artwork, save and you’re done!

Reaslistic Book Cover Mockup PSD Template

realistic book cover mockup

A realistic book cover mockup template comes with 8 different cover designs. The templates feature organized layers for easier editing and include special color effects as well.

Paperback Book With Case PSD Mockup (Free)

Free Paperback Book With Case Psd Mockup

This free paperback book with rigid case mockup PSD to display your book designs in style. You can add graphics with ease using the smart layer to display storybooks, novels, textbooks, dictionaries, thesaurus, handbooks, etc.

Spiral Bound Book Cover Bundle Mockup Template

spiral bound book cover mockup

In this, bundle you get 21 different mockup templates with various views, angles, and backgrounds. You can easily change the colors of the spiral, stack, and background.

Hard Book Mockups Templates

Best Book Cover Mockup Templates

These book PSD mockups allow you to obtain a realistic look at your book cover designs in no time. Each mockup is fully layered and full of customization options so you can edit everything in these mockups as per your demands.

Open Hardcover Book Mockup PSD (Free)

Free Open Hardcover Book Mockup PSD

Download this free open hardcover book mockup PSD to present the design of your inner page in the best possible way.

Gorgeous Book Cover Design Mockups

gorgeous book cover mockup templates

This awesome collection of book cover design mockups is a great choice to showcase your paperback designs in 7 different poses with realistic shadows and effects. These PSD mockups reduce your efforts and save you from doing extra work.

Spiral Hardbound Book With Folder Cover Mockups

spiral hardbound book cover psd

This template comes with 7 high-resolution photorealistic styles. You can easily edit the PSD files to change the backgrounds via smart objects.

Long Shadow Book Cover Mockup

minimal book cover psd template

A minimal design book cover mockup template comes in 9 fully layered PSD files.

Hard Cover Book Mockup Scenes

hardcover book mockup scenes

Amazingly designed hardcover book mockups are here to show your book cover designs with some other realistic items. Features smart objects and intelligent layers for the customization of designs, colors, effects, shadows, and the background.

Breakfast Set – Hard Cover Book Mockup Template

Best Book Cover Mockup PSD

This template features a breakfast scene that gives your book cover design some personality. It comes with 9 different PSD files to showcase your work.

Minimalistic Book Cover Mockup Template

Simple Book Cover Mockup Templates

Present your book cover designs with these photorealistic and professional book cover mockups. Available in PSD Photoshop format with a smart-object feature to help you place your own design within seconds.

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