So today we are mosting likely to show to you average salaries of graphic designers, web developers as well as photographers worldwide. Yell Business a UK-based digital marketing compamy checked into a few of UK’s most popular job roles as well as computed the comparable incomes for those tasks in various other countries based on their average incomes.

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The Cost of living index has been determined in relation to the cost of living in the UK. For example, residing in Switzerland expenses 90% more than residing in Britain, so has an index of 1.9. Poland, Russia and China have the lowest expense of living, with an index of 0.6. This suggests that it’s 40% more affordable to reside in these three nations compared to Britain.

Checkout Below Salaries Of Graphic Designers, Web Developers & Photographers Around The World

Graphic Designers

Average Salaries Of Graphic Designers Around The World

Image via Yell Business

Web Developers

Average Salaries Of Web Developers Around The World

Image via Yell Business


Average Salaries Of Photographers Around The World

Image via Yell Business