So today I collected some funny memes on graphic designers. Warning some of these memes might lead you to question your choice of career so scroll down at your own risk.

These memes are like a reality check for graphic designers. So, don’t miss this post because you might then miss having a good laugh. All Graphic Designers will surely love these Graphic Designer Memes.

Below are Funny Memes That Only Graphic Designer Understand

1. Client Is Your Computer Screen Big Enough To Design a Big Sign?

2. Photoshop Level

3. I Love Pen tool

4. Designer Problems

5. Graphic Designers Favourite Font

6. Paint is the first step to becoming a Designer

7. Choice of Fonts

8. User Experience

9. Graphic Designers First Love Font

10. Two Types of Designers

11. Client brief vs Client Budget

12. Every Graphic Designers Reaction

13. How Clients Think Design Is Made

14. What other people think about Graphic Designers

15. There is always someone willing to do it cheaper.

16. How Designers Family Looks Like

 Graphic Designer memes

17. What Did You Study?

graphic funny memes

18. Salary of Indian Designers

designer funny memes

19. What People Think Designer Desk Looks Like

graphic designer memes

20. Yesterday Photoshop Crashed Without Saving

Yesterday Photoshop Crashed Without Saving

21. Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

Dont Judge A Book By Its Cover

22. When You Try To Understand The Client Brief

When You Try To Understand The Client Brief

23. When You Download A PNG But It’s A JPEG

When You Download PNG But Its A Jpeg