12 Fresh Graphic Design Trends For 2019: So today we are here to see top graphic design trends for 2019. Previously we share with you amazing logo design trends and Popular color trends for 2019.

In 2019 graphic design trends we can see vivid colors, bold typography, open compositions, and alternative art. Expect to see more use of three-dimensional geometric shapes, dreamy color combos, fluid/liquid effects, and flat + real mixed compositions.

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Below you can see a video by GraphicMama on graphic design trends for 2019. In this video, they cover all the fresh trends with examples.

00:05 – Open compositions
00:15 – 3D: Depth of a new generation
00:28 – Anti-Gravity: Flying and floating objects
00:41 – Vivid colors and dreamy color combos
00:55 – Metallic effect: Golden, silver, iridescent
01:09 – Fluid and liquid effect
01:22 – Maxi typography
01:34 – Outline typography
01:47 – Text with background
02:00 – Alternative art
02:14 – Realism + Flat mix
02:25 – Color of the year 2019: Living Coral