Designer Creates Clever Logos That Represent The Name And Business Of The Company: Rami Hoballah graphic designer from Kuwait has come up with a series of minimalist logos. In which he combines the name and the product (or service) of the company into one unique symbol. The logo in each case visually represents the brand name and the nature of its business.

For example, The logo for Lulwa Jewelry includes a diamond in the letter ‘w’.  He used Adobe Illustrator to create the logos.

Below You Can Checkout Clever Logos Designs.

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1. Groom Nails & Hair

hair saloon creative logo, barber minimal logo

Scissors made with two o’s

2. Lulwa Jewelry

jewellery minimal clever logo

Diamond in the letter W

3. Coffee

simple minimal coffee logo

Hidden cup between the two f’s

4. Local Burger

logo design inspiration

Location icon + Burger

5. Book Library

library clever logo

Book + Library Door

6. 4U Fashion Shop

fashion clever logo designs

4U + Dress

7. Lavender

flower clever logos

Letter stacking + Lavender leaves

8. Creative International Construction & Interior

clever logo inspiration

C & I as a 3D block/brick

9. Blank

simple creative logo

Letter ‘a’ in negative blank space

10. Atyab Amina Perfume

minimal logo designs

Letter A + Perfume shape

11. Arabella Bakery

logo designs

Letter A + Wheat

12. Ten Zero One

logo inspiration

Clever typography

13. Ten Zero One

creative clever logos

Clever typography

14. One

clever minimal logos

One + 1

15. Depresso Coffee Shop

coffee clever logos

Letter D + Coffee cup

16. Depresso Coffee Shop

creative logo designs

Arabesque shape with letter D

17. Addict Coffee Shop

coffee logo

3 coffee cups in the letters (coffee addiction)

18. Casa Fashion

fashion minimal logo

Clothes hanger

19. 33 Coffee Bar

coffee bar creative logo

Coffee cups that look like 33

I hope you like the collection of these clever logo designs that represent the name and business of the company. If yes then let us know which one is your favorite our favorites are no. 1 and 2. Share this post with a friend and voice your views in the comments below. All images © Leo Logos.