Button Bubble Effect

See the Pen Button bubble effect by Adrien Grsmto (@Grsmto) on CodePen.

Transitional Buttons

See the Pen Transitional Buttons by Vitaliy (@kavendish) on CodePen.

Bubbly Button

See the Pen Bubbly Button by Nour Soud (@nourabusoud) on CodePen.

Shiney Button

See the Pen Shiney Button by Jessica Biggs (@bigglesrocks) on CodePen.

Button with Built-in Loading Indicator -JS and SCSS

See the Pen Button with Built-in Loading Indicator -JS and SCSS by Elior Tabeka (@eliortabeka) on CodePen.

Share Button

See the Pen Share Button by Vincent Durand (@onediv) on CodePen.

UI: Button morphing into a form

See the Pen UI: Button morphing into form by Greg Hovanesyan (@gregh) on CodePen.

 Gradient Buttons with Background-Color Change (CSS-only)

See the Pen Gradient Buttons with Background-Color Change (CSS-only) by MrPirrera (@pirrera) on CodePen.

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