Download Fonts Used In Big Brands Logos: I am pretty sure that many of you guys ever wanted to know the names of the fonts used in the big brand’s logos.  Big brands like Like Adidas, eBay, Facebook, Giorgio Armani, Puma, YouTube, Disney and many more.

Below is the list of logos with their download links. Some logos text is custom made In such cases, the fonts we have listed the closest possible font that matches the logo.

Download Fonts Used In Big Brands Logos.

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1. Adidas

Download Fonts Used In Big Brands Logos

Avant Garde Gothic Demi

2. Aston Martin

aston martin logo font downloadOptima Roman

3. BBCbbc logo font download

Gill Sans Std

4. Casiocasio logo font download

Eurostile Ext Black

5. DC Comics

dc comics font download

Gotham Bold

6. eBay

ebay logo font download

Univers 53 Extended

07. Facebook

facebook logo font download

Klavika Bold

08. FedEx

fedex logo font download

Futura Bold

09. Giorgio Armani

free famous logo fonts


10. HTML 5

html 5 logo font

Gotham Ultra

11. IBM

ibm logo font download

Men In Blue

12. Jaguar

jaguar logo font download

Jaguar JC

13. LG

lg logo font download

Helvetica Black

14. NBA

nba logo font download

Helvetica Condensed Black

15. PlayStation 3

play station logo font download

PhatBoy Slim

16. Puma

puma logo font download

My Puma

17. Rolls-Royce

rolls-royce logo font download

Myriad Semi Bold

18. Walt Disney

walt disney logo font download

Walt Disney Script

19. WhatsApp

whatsapp logo font download

Helvetica Neue 75 Bold

20. YouTube

youtube log font download

Trade Gothic Bold Condensed No. 20