10 Beautiful Animated CSS & SVG Landscape Designs: When it comes to SVG you can create pretty crazy stuff using it. Using SVG and Canvas we can create different graphics without using code. Because of that, we can create really cool designs like these SVG landscapes.

CSS & SVG Landscape Designs

Below are 10 Beautiful Animated CSS & SVG Landscape Designs.

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01. Hawke’s Bay SVG Landscape Design

See the Pen SVG Landscape, Hawke’s Bay by Louis Coyle (@dropside) on CodePen.

02. Low poly landscape

See the Pen Low poly landscape by Luke Reid (@lukeandrewreid) on CodePen.

03. SVG Landscape Animation

See the Pen SVG Landscape Animation by Evan Winston (@IrrelevantEvan) on CodePen.

04. SVG Marine Landscape

See the Pen SVG marine landscape by Irina (@Irina-T) on CodePen.

05. Winter Landscape SVG Animation

See the Pen Winter Landscape. SVG Animation by Andrey Sorokin (@biokillos) on CodePen.

06. Animated SVG Scenery

See the Pen Animated SVG scene by agathaco (@agathaco) on CodePen.

07. Natural Landscape

See the Pen Natural Landscape by Amr Zakaria (@amrzakaria) on CodePen.

08. Parallax Landscape

See the Pen Parallax Landscape by Oliver Knoblich (@oknoblich) on CodePen.

09. Parallax SVG Interactive Landscape

See the Pen Parallax SVG Interactive Landscape by Chris Gruber (@cgruber) on CodePen.

10. SVG and CSS Landscape Animation

See the Pen Svg and css landscape animation by Guillaume Lebelt (@Weblearner) on CodePen.

You all free to use that project or edit these are totally free. They work on SVG code along with some basic CSS & JS to create animations, distortions, and parallax effects.