Disadvantages of Using VPN That You Must Know

By: Pawan Negi

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You could be redirected to the wrong section/page of the website

Suppose you are connected to Australia but you are from India, then you will be redirected to amazon.com.au, instead of the correct one – amazon.in

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Stopped By the search engine for robot-check

If you are using Vpn, especially mobile users you many times see a robot check or CAPTCHA while searching for something on Google. Which is obviously very annoying.

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Search results based on the location of your VPN server

When you are from India and connected to a France VPN location, then searching for “pizza places” gives you results based in France and in the French language.

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Certain media Not Available

if you resume a movie that you are watching on Netflix and your VPN is connected it may become unexpectedly unavailable. Because It’s not being supported in the VPN server location. 

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Internet suddenly stops working

This happens when a VPN server faces a problem and decides to disconnect all connected users where the VPN tries to reconnect you or connect you with another server location.

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